Mug Cafe- not just a cafe, supporting local art and traditions

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In the Santa Croce area of Florence a new cafe was recently opened; yet this is not just another business selling coffee and cakes, this is quite THE PLACE if you ever find yourself wondering the streets of Florence. As soon as you enter this aesthetically beautiful establishment, you will feel the warmth and sweetness of Italians right away. You will be welcomed and taken care of by the wonderful staff running this place, they will not only give you excellent customer service, but they will treat you as a friend, perhaps the most personalised and friendly service i’ve ever experienced whilst being in Italy.

Their menu is varied and you can find a variety of plates, ranging from american style food to very local options. They will also make foccacias, smoothies and cocktails with the combination of ingredients of your choice!

If this has not convinced you yet, let me tell you another reason why you should not miss this place during your stay in Florence. Inside this business you will also get to see contemporary art of young artists from the region. Cafe owner Fabrizio told us he wants to promote young artists, thus he  is open to have the work of all artists including painters, sculpturists, poets and musicians  in his cafe, to support local art and culture. Currently he is exhibiting both poems and paintings of artists from Florence. Artworks are changed every one or two months depending on the availability of artworks.

Finally he also serves products brought from local producers, including cheese from Sardenia, Tuscany and Sicily. Also proscuitto and salami from around the region, including the famous Salami from Prato. They also serves a varied selection of artisan beers by the Italian-owned beer company Cajun, beer produced locally with different ingredients.

for more info about the location and opening hours visit:


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